Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kendall Evans "Poetry Red-Shifted In The Eyes Of A Dragon" OUT 3-30-07

Kendall Evans' debut chapbook "Poetry Red Shifted In The Eyes Of A Dragon" will be officially released on Friday, March 30th, 2007. There is also an ultra-limited Deluxe Edition that will be released at the same time as the regular edition. This deluxe version is limited to 25 signed and hand-numbered copies on sage green cardstock with matching envelopes. The Deluxe Edition will also have additional and exclusive cover art by Cathy Buburuz.

Both editions will retail for $5.00 and will be up for sale in the Spec House store on the release date.

Here are some things people have been saying about this incredible work:

"Kendall Evans is one of speculative poetry's most audacious experimenters."
--Mike Allen, Editor of Mythic Delirium, and former SFPA President

"Evans speaks the language of the fantastic, from astral imagery to myth, and beyond.
From the subtle “Binary” _(‘entangle your spirits flesh with mine/ in spider-veined nebulae/ of deepest space and time’_), to the resounding “Beatrice, Cockatrice”, (_‘Beatrice, your cold eyes stone me’_), Evans makes his poems sing. Long or short, he crafts each poem skillfully, often with a touch of magic. Superbly recommended."

--Marge Simon, author of Like Birds in the Rain, and editor of Star*Line

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