Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Welcoming

I want to officially announce the addition of two new authors to the Spec House family, Greg Beatty and Charles Gramlich. Both Beatty and Gramlich have been on the spec poetry scene a while, and both are prolific and decorated writers.

The first release by Greg Beatty will be Phrases of the Moon, a chapbook exploring how a poet from the moon would look at life on earth. This collection includes the Rhysling Award winning poem, "No Ruined Lunar City".

Charles Gramlich will make his Spec House debut with Wanting the Mouth of a Lover, an outstanding chapbook of experimental haiku. Any scifaiku fan will want to get a copy of this one.

Both books will be out in the next few months if the release schedule holds.


Charles Gramlich said...

All I can say is, cool! The intro is nearly done to "Lover." I'm having a friend look over it now.

Greg said...

Can't wait to read it!