Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2008 Spec House Rhysling Nominees

Spec House of Poetry releases received four Rhysling Award nominations this year. Congrats to all the nominees and good luck!

Rhysling Award Nominees
Short Poem Category:
Greg Schwartz, "Night Falls", from Bits and Pieces (SPEC-09)
Constance Cooper, "The Cyburbs", from The 2nd Annual SFPA Poetry Contest, 2007: Sonnets (SPEC-15)
Rita Janice Traub, "Tribute to an Astronaut", from The 2nd Annual SFPA Poetry Contest, 2007: Sonnets (SPEC-15)

Long Poem Category:
Kendall Evans, "The Riddle of the Sphinx", from Poetry Red-Shifted in the Eyes of a Dragon (SPEC-06/SPEC-07)


Greg Schwartz said...

While we're congratulating Rhysling nominees, let's not forget Spec House's founder and editor, J. Bruce Fuller, whose poem "28 Blackbirds at the End of the World," was nominated in the long poem category. Good luck J!

J. Bruce Fuller said...

Well thanks very much. Good luck to the both of us. I really have too many people to pull for in this year's vote, and not enough votes to go around...I can get used to problems like this. --J